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  1. Proving Employment Discrimination: Attacking The Employer’s Business Decision
    Evaluating the second stage of the McDonnell Douglas v. Green burden-shifting framework and focusing on the employer’s burden of production

  2. Wrongful Termination Claims & The Duty to Mitigate
    Analyzing an employee’s responsibility to mitigate economic damages and in what circumstances returning to school or self-employment may satisfy this duty

  3. Getting The Employment Case to a Jury: Stray Remarks as Circumstantial Evidence
    Discussing ways in which the stray remarks doctrine has been distorted and overused, including the direct nexus fallacy and improper attempts to compartmentalize the decisionmaker

  4. Age Discrimination Claims & Code Words
    Reviewing age discrimination cases where courts have acknowledged the use of code words to express age-based bias and have ruled that such statements may constitute circumstantial evidence of unlawful motive

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