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From age discrimination to sexual harassment claims to severance negotiations, no one case is the same. By focusing our practice in employment law, we have developed a deep understanding of the many variables that create exposure for employers and drive settlement negotiations. As illustrated through our work below, we are well-equipped to handle the novel legal issues that often times arise during the negotiation and litigation process. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Employment Law Success Stories

Age Discrimination ǀ Executive Advocacy ǀ Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination ǀ Handicap & Medical Leave Discrimination ǀ Non-Compete Agreements ǀ Race & Religious Discrimination ǀ Severance Negotiations ǀ Sexual Harassment ǀ Wage & Hour ǀ Whistleblower & Workplace Retaliation

Age Discrimination
  • In an age discrimination case against a multinational software company where client was wrongfully terminated, early settlement before filing suit of nine months pay. Our investigation revealed online comments attributed to the company’s CEO regarding the need to hire “young talent,” which were removed after receiving our letter of representation. These comments, and the company’s initial surprise that we had discovered and preserved them, provided significant leverage during negotiations.

  • Six figure settlement along with outplacement support and company-paid benefits in age discrimination case against large financial services firm. The case resolved within four weeks after sending a detailed settlement demand outlining the employer’s liability and exposure to damages

  • Filed age discrimination claim with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination after the employer, a global biotechnology company, refused to engage in settlement negotiations after client suffered wrongful termination. Six figure settlement following extensive briefing and a Probable Cause finding.

Executive Advocacy
  • On behalf of executive reporting to Board of Directors at Silicon Valley based technology start-up, negotiated full terms of employment agreement including all forms of compensation; equity awards; and severance triggers in the context of change of control and termination.

  • On behalf of Chief Executive Officer in metallurgical industry, negotiated employment agreement resulting in significant increase of base pay and stock option awards from prior position.

  • On behalf of Chief Operating Officer at multinational technology hardware corporation, negotiated departure resulting in enhanced severance and ongoing, long-term consulting agreement.

Gender & Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Settlement of nearly $300,000 (more than tripling the original offer) on behalf of a C-suite level employee with national financial services firm wrongfully terminated after just six months of employment. The case presented issues of sex discrimination and gender stereotyping and was settled pre-suit approximately three months after the employee retained our Firm.

  • Behind the scenes advising of senior-level employee to properly preserve her sex discrimination claims as the employer, a Fortune 500 company, sought to wrongfully terminate her employment. Through negotiations spanning several weeks, settlement of approximately $350,000 plus attorneys’ fees and continued vesting in past equity awards.

  • Pre-suit settlement totaling more than $300,000 in pregnancy discrimination case where multinational software corporation passed over senior vice president, who had recently given birth, for a promotion in favor of a lesser qualified male counterpart.

Handicap & Medical Leave Discrimination
  • Following a Probable Cause finding by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination plus two years of litigation in Superior Court, settlement of $200,000 on behalf of handicapped employee whose economic loss totaled less than $20,000.

  • Settlement of more than $200,000 on behalf of handicapped employee wrongfully terminated after requesting reasonable accommodations. We rejected the employer’s final offer of less than $40,000 and thereafter filed a Charge of Discrimination with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, which a issued a Probable Cause finding. The case settled shortly thereafter.

  • Advised handicapped employee to reject company’s settlement offer of three months pay. Approximately one year after filing a Charge of Discrimination resulting in a Probable Cause finding, the client received a settlement totaling more than two years pay.

Non-Compete Agreements
  • In Lunt v. Campbell, defeated employer’s motion for preliminary injunction as to all forms of injunctive relief where the employee’s non-compete agreement prohibited her from working in the same county as her former employer.

  • Before the Superior Court Business Litigation Session, successfully challenged employer’s motion for preliminary injunction which, among other things, asked the court to force the employee to resign his position with a new, competing employer. Following briefing and oral argument, the Superior Court allowed the employee to remain working for a competitor and reduced his non-solicitation obligations from one year, as originally contemplated in the contract, to less than six months. The case resolved thereafter without financial remuneration to the former employer.

  • In Shea v. EqualLogic, retained by executive after former attorney was unsuccessful in defeating the employer’s motion for preliminary injunction, forcing him to resign from his new position. On Motion for Reconsideration, the same Superior Court judge who had originally issued the injunction vacated the order, giving the executive the opportunity to resume employment.

Race & Religious Discrimination
  • During the discovery process and following a Superior Court order granting our request to compel particular documents, six figure settlement in race discrimination case on behalf of part-time worker with minimal economic loss.

  • Following a Probable Cause finding by the MCAD, settlement equivalent to nearly two years pay on behalf of employee who was denied religious accommodations.

  • Settlement equivalent to nine months pay in race discrimination case where client was wrongfully terminated with no severance offer. The case resolved less than one year after filing a Charge of Discrimination.

Severance Negotiations
  • On behalf of senior investment manager at well-known investment bank, negotiated severance totaling more than $500,000 plus company-paid benefits.

  • On behalf of physician and researcher at nationally-recognized teaching hospital, negotiated approximately six months severance and full ownership of intellectual property developed during his tenure.

  • On behalf of senior scientist with international pharmaceutical company, rejected original one month severance offer and negotiated seven months severance pay with company-paid health insurance.

Sexual Harassment
  • Following a Probable Cause finding by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, settlement in sexual harassment case equaling nearly three times the victim’s annual compensation at the time of constructive discharge.

  • Before filing suit and within one month of settlement demand, six figure settlement in sexual harassment case where victim suffered no economic loss and quickly became re-employed earning higher pay.

  • After filing a Charge of Discrimination with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, six figure settlement on behalf of sexual harassment victim who had been pretextually terminated from her position with an international healthcare company and who, initially, was offered no compensation aside from the chance to apply for unemployment benefits.

Wage & Hour
  • Six figure pre-suit settlement for unpaid commissions less than six months after settlement demand on behalf of software sales executive.

  • Settlement of entire amount of unpaid commissions within six months of settlement demand on behalf of insurance sales professional.

  • Settlement for unpaid vacation time on behalf of foreign sales professional after litigation involving issue of first impression under the Massachusetts Wage Act.

Whistleblower & Workplace Retaliation
  • Settlement equivalent to approximately one year’s pay in retaliation case where client was wrongfully terminated without being offered severance after requesting reasonable accommodations for his disability. The case resolved less than three months after filing a Charge of Discrimination with the MCAD.

  • Pursuant to the terms of a prior severance agreement negotiated by our Firm, settlement for full amount of liquidated damages contemplated under the agreement where former employer interfered with client’s ability to secure new employment through negative references.

  • Enhanced original severance offer by more than $50,000 on behalf of finance professional who was terminated shortly after reporting accounting irregularities implicating the Massachusetts False Claims Act.

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