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Conforto Law Group is based in Boston and exclusively represents individuals in employment law matters throughout Massachusetts. We regularly handle cases involving wrongful termination, wage & hour violations, and employment discrimination. We stand up for whistleblowers and employees who face abusive workplace conditions such as sexual harassment and retaliation. On behalf of executives and senior-level professionals, we draft employment contracts, negotiate severance agreements, and address non-compete issues to ensure that your livelihood is protected.

As our client testimonials demonstrate, we define ourselves through hard work, impeccable preparation, and our passion for advancing the law solely on behalf of employees. Through negotiation and litigation, our Boston employment attorneys have helped countless professionals successfully navigate difficult, high stakes employment disputes. Our approach is thorough, yet practical. Each case begins with a careful, objective evaluation of all relevant facts, documents, and other available evidence. We comb through the details, ask a lot of questions, and strive to avoid surprises. We see ourselves as trusted advisors, not hired guns.

Our Firm views clients as integral members of our team and takes pride in transparency. We tell our clients what they need to hear and likewise value their opinion. Strategic decisions are as much a product of our legal expertise as they are from input that we solicit from you. Together, we look several steps ahead – diligently identifying and analyzing the options before us. The end result is straightforward, individualized advice tailored to achieve the desired outcome.

We do not antagonize our adversaries. And we do not believe that a blustery, loud voice constitutes effective advocacy. Rather, we rely on substance rooted in an exhaustive search for relevant evidence guided by legal doctrine. Our credibility is built on our reputation for preparedness as well as our ability to listen and thoughtfully respond to our opponents. We regard advocacy as a skill exercised with equanimity, not a shouting match. The results we have achieved on behalf of our clients are a testament to these principles.

We welcome cases where the law is ambiguous and where the outcome will hinge on a first-impression interpretation of the law. As Boston employment lawyers, we believe in sharing our knowledge for the benefit of like-minded practitioners. Through our blog and white papers, we regularly publish our research with the goal of advancing employee rights. We seek to be among the first to read and write about a new legal precedent and comment on its implications. Our singular focus in employment law allows us to closely monitor the direction of the courts, minimize gamesmanship, and provide our clients with the best opportunity to reach a swift resolution or to prevail in litigation.

Conforto Law Group is sensitive to the challenges that individuals in the workplace face. We also understand that transitions, especially when unexpected, can be challenging. Your career is your biggest asset; it needs to be safeguarded. Our ultimate goal is to help employees regain control and to protect their immediate and long-term career prospects. We welcome the opportunity to listen to your concerns and, through our experience, chart a sound strategy to accomplish your goals.

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