Employment Lawyers ǀ Employee Focused

Conforto Law Group is based in Boston and exclusively represents individuals in employment law matters throughout Massachusetts. As our client testimonials demonstrate, we define ourselves through hard work, impeccable preparation, and our passion for advancing the law solely on behalf of employees.

As employment lawyers, Conforto Law Group is sensitive to the challenges that individuals in the workplace face. Your career is your biggest asset. We understand that transitions, especially when unexpected, can be challenging. We help employees regain control and protect their immediate and long-term career prospects. Through negotiation and litigation, our Firm has assisted countless professionals successfully navigate difficult, high stakes employment disputes.

We regularly handle cases involving wrongful termination; overtime violations; and employment discrimination based on age, race, religion, gender, pregnancy, handicap, and sexual orientation. We stand up for whistleblowers and employees who face abusive workplace conditions such as sexual harassment and workplace retaliation. On behalf of executives and senior-level professionals, we draft employment contracts, negotiate severance agreements, and address non-compete issues to ensure that your livelihood is safeguarded.

Each employment law case presents its own unique set of facts. The legal landscape is also complex and continually evolving. Our singular focus on employee rights allows us to carefully monitor the direction of the courts, minimize gamesmanship, and provide our clients with the best opportunity to reach a swift resolution or prevail in litigation. We welcome the opportunity to listen to your concerns and, through our experience, chart a sound strategy to achieve your goals.

Your Success ǀ Our Goal. Let us help.