Frequently Asked Questions

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Employment law cases are complex and, from the very outset, raise a host of questions. From a sexual harassment claim to whistleblowing, employment law claims brought under Massachusetts law often create a unique set of considerations. Below are categories of frequently asked questions.

  • Case Preparation: These FAQs focus on the litigation process from a procedural standpoint with specific examples of how evidence in an employment law case is gathered.

  • Employment Discrimination: These FAQs address substantive issues that often arise in employment discrimination claims both on the Massachusetts and federal level.

  • Medical Leave Rights: These FAQs compare Massachusetts and federal medical leave discrimination laws.

  • Sexual Harassment: In certain respects, Massachusetts law prohibiting sexual harassment varies greatly from it’s federal corollary under Title VII. These FAQs examine some of the nuances that differentiate a sexual harassment claim under the statutes and regulations in Massachusetts.

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